On the surface Kanan K7 and El Gordo couldn’t be more different if they tried. Hailing from Brazil and South Africa respectively, Thiago Kanan and Gordon Mackay grew up on different sides of the world, but it’s electronic music that brought them together, an impromptu back to back set at a festival in Cape Town to be exact. At that stage the boys had never played together before, but the synergy was immediately evident and they haven’t looked back or slowed down since.

Aside from being regular fixtures on South Africa’s top festival and club stages, over the last ten years they’ve been influential in helping to shape South Africa’s electronic dance music scene through their much loved festival brands Kinky Disco and The Tropical Roast. Both of which have been responsible for bringing some of the world’s biggest names in dance music to South African shores, including the likes of TALE OF US, MAX COOPER, ART DEPARTMENT and many others

But it’s not only in South Africa that they’ve excelled. Internationally they’ve made DJ appearances as far afield as Amsterdam, Germany, London and Brazil, appearing at the likes of Tomorrowland, Destino, Space Ibiza, Kater Blau, Elrow, Motek and Sysiphos.

The idea behind their act “EIIEVEN” is to converge their interests in dance music, which range from techno to disco, electronica and house.

The duo have been producing music individually for many years, but got into studio together for the first time in 2017, and have since dedicated all of their time and energies into the budding project.